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Honey Moisturizing Hand Wax

Honey moisture hand wax nourishes hands from milk improve dry skin. Natural honey nourishes skin, supply water for skin, improve rough skin, create a tender skin for you.

Four points for choosing good hand wax:

Hand and face are different, the hand will touch all things, especially washing things, so hands need moisture, care. MM must care your hands.
1. Good ingredient     2. Good radiant     3. Good quality    4. Good smell

Gentle and nutritious show beautiful hands:

1. Moisture and nutritious. Supply water nutrient for skin, enhance the moisture degree.
2. Make skin tender and smooth.
3. Improve dry skin. Improve dry and rough skin.
4. Tender hands.
5. Natural honey wax and milk make skin radiant, and smooth.

How to use?

Step1. Apply evenly for 1mm
Step2. Apply it to hands, especially for the finger.
Step3. take off the hand wax mask, hands are smooth.
Step4. use lasting, hands are smooth


Hand wax need 20minutes to form a mask, you have two ways to make wax form mask.
1. use are blower 2.use fan, make your hand cool.


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