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Automatic Cleaner and Dryer for Cleaning Makeup Brush Is the Product to Keep Your Makeup Brush Clean and Improve Their Durability

Is this for you?

  • Are you fatigued with cleaning your makeup brushes traditionally?
  • Do you hate using your makeup brush dirty from the previous makeup components?
  • Do you share your makeup brush with friends?
  • Do you own a makeup beauty shop with various clients?

If the above description fits you, Automatic cleaner and dryer for cleaning makeup brush is the product you have been looking for.

This can help you:

  • Keep your makeup brushes clean
  • Maintain hygiene in your beauty outlet
  • Enable your makeup brushes last longer than enough
  • Maintain quality of your makeup brushes

How to use?

Automatic cleaner and dryer for cleaning makeup brush are very easy to use and effective. It is less time consuming than hand wash. Very easy steps to use

Please follow the directions below

Step 1. A leather case fitted on the tail

Step 2. Pour in the scrub

Step 3. Put the brush head into the liquid

Step 4. Press start key to start cleaning

Step 5. Wash again with clean water

Step 6. Pull out of the water and into the dry mode


We have used plastic & silicon for our user-friendly product.

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