Slimming Tea Brewing Instructions;

Simply brew one tea bag for 2-5 minutes, then serve either hot or as delicious iced tea. Each tea bag may be re-used once within 5 hours of the tea bags first use.

For the best weight loss results combine your Slimming Tea use with our Healthy Eating Challenge! which we also include a copy with every order.

TIP - Our Slimming Tea also makes a fantastic Iced-Tea. Simply brew one tea bag in a small amount of water for 1-5 minutes, top up with cold water (or tap water), add ice (maybe a little fruit) and enjoy!


Your Slimming Tea is provided in a zip lock satchel to ensure freshness. Your Slimming Tea should be stored below 25 degrees, away from heat, direct sunlight and strong odours.

TIP - Each Slimming Tea sachet is marked with a best before date!


Please consider any existing medical conditions prior to using this product and seek medical advice if necessary. Our Slimming Tea should not replace a balanced diet. In case of an overdose or adverse reaction seek medical advice.


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