Nutritional Blog Awards - See Our Top 30 Nutrition Blogs

Nutritional Blog Awards - See Our Top 30 Nutrition Blogs

Melissa Diver

The number 1 secret to healthy long-term weight loss is Nutrition!

Knowing what and why things going into your body is a formula which has been proven countless times to be the key to success.

We have scoured the internet to find our absolute favourite, must-read nutrition blogs that will give you the tips, hints and recipes to achieve your weight loss goals. In no particular order let’s take a look at some of the most amazing blogs on the internet:

Juice Daily 

The Juice Daily offers a range of fitness workouts, nutrition information, and fantastic advice to improve overall health and wellness, including mental health. This all-encompassing website incorporates videos, personality profiles, beauty and fashion advice, and even a “what’s on” of health, fitness and nutrition events around Australia. You can also subscribe to The Juice Daily weekly newsletter to receive regular updates on health, fitness, nutrition and wellness. The Juice Daily is your one-stop-shop for anything health and fitness.

Jessica Sepel

This website is worth checking out for the recipes alone! With amazing healthy recipes for any meal of the day (including mouth-watering images), they’re a must-try! Jessica Sepel is a health blogger, nutritionist and wellness coach. Her website has a great down-to-earth  feel, including photos of Jessica throughout, which makes the site easy to relate to. Apart from the recipes, this jam-packed website includes advice and stories on beauty, fitness, nutrition, lifestyle and travel. There’s also a great Q&A section, where Jessica answers any questions you might have, as well as the ability to purchase various plans and guides to keep you on track.

Dr Joanna

Dr. Joanna McMillan is the founder of Get Lean and one of Australia’s best known health experts. Get Lean is a lifestyle change program encouraging you to ditch fad diets and adopt a program that helps you stay lean for life. The website allows you to sign up to Dr. Joanna’s fantastic Get Lean Membership, which gives you all the tools to be well on your way to achieving these goals. The site contains recipes, fitness and lifestyle tips and stories, videos, and podcasts of Dr. Joanna herself.

Well Nourished

The Well Nourished website is full of really yummy recipes and all things food and nutrition. As the website claims, the main focus is advice on “how to eat well and be well,” proving that healthy, nutritious food doesn’t need to be boring. The aim is to get back to basics and simplify nutrition….to encourage you to prepare great tasting, healthy meals for you and your family. The inspiring woman behind Well Nourished is Georgia Harding, a Naturopath and self-confessed foodie who loves to share her recipes and health related topics in her amazing blog. There’s a great section on pantry staples and how having a healthy, well-stocked pantry is a great encouragement for preparing healthy meals, as well as a glossary of ingredients you might be a little unsure of. There’s also a great section dedicated to kid’s health.

Sol Nutrition

Based in Byron Bay, SOL (“sun” in Spanish) North Coast Nutrition is a nutrition and dietary counselling practice owned by Dietitian Christina Turner. The company’s purpose is to help demonstrate the link between food and the body, mind and soul. SOL aim to do this by encouraging mindful eating and offering online programs and health retreats. As well as face-to-face appointments in Bryon Bay and Northern NSW, SOL offer fantastic online programs that can be accessed by anyone. The website also contains information on various health conditions and assisting in improving overall health and wellbeing.

Bulk Nutrients

As the name may suggest, Bulk Nutrients is a supplement based website offering a fantastic range of products you can purchase directly. Managing Director of Bulk Nutrients, Ben Crowley, realised a need in Australia to make the cost of supplements more reasonable, and thus decided to eliminate the “middle man.” The Bulk Nutrients factory, based in Tasmania provides products directly to the end user. The company is dedicated to producing and selling only products that work – gimmicky products are banned! Bulk Nutrients pride themselves on their outstanding customer service and offering “real” advice – they won’t sell you something just for the sake of it! The site also offers some great health and nutrition articles and some very interesting recipes!

Scoop Nutrition

The Scoop Nutrition site offers some amazing looking healthy recipes with awesome images to match. There’s also a great range of health and nutrition tips and articles written by nutrition professionals. The founder of Scoop Nutrition, Emma Stirling, started the award winning blog around five years ago, with a focus on encouraging nutrition professionals to embrace social media and share their knowledge with the public. Impressive awards won by Scoop include the Jamie Oliver Food Revolution Blog of the Month and the Healthy Eating category of the BUPA blog awards in 2014. Scoop Nutrition offer easily accessible and extremely credible health, nutrition and food advice from a variety of professionals in the field.

Shape Me

The Shape Me blog comes from well-known Australian Susie Burrell – Dietician, Author and Speaker. Susie is particularly known for her simple and practical approach to nutrition, diet and general wellbeing. Shape Me is an online diet plan that gives direct access to Susie and the site offers a range of healthy recipes and articles, as well as a fantastic customised plan for individual needs to help reach your goals.


Promise Nutrition

Based in Australia, Promise Nutrition founders are husband and wife time Alistair and Sarah. The couple saw a need to educate people to make healthy dietary and lifestyle changes. The company prides itself on its honest approach, providing a product which contains only pure, natural ingredients – absolutely nothing artificial. Promise Nutrition offers a fantastic range of premium, natural products designed to nourish your body. As well as information on this amazing product and the ability to purchase online, the site also offers an array of health, fitness and nutrition advice.

Eat Smart Nutrition

The Eat Smart site provides advice and articles from a team of dedicated professional nutritionists and dietitians. Based in Queensland, the team are able to provide online diet consulting personalised to your individual needs. The site also offers healthy and nutritious recipes galore as well as some great health, lifestyle and wellbeing articles.

The Fit Foodie

The Fit Foodie is an inspirational blog that emphasises the fact that fit and healthy doesn’t have to mean compromising delicious food! This site is all about nutritious recipes, simple health and fitness tips and workouts, and fantastic lifestyle and wellbeing articles. You can sign up to receive blogs, recipes and tips delivered straight to your inbox.

The Nutrition Coach

Founder of this site, Emma Sgourakis is a nutritionist with over ten years clinical experience around Australia. Emma’s unique approach to health, nutrition and wellbeing offers private programs to individuals with in-depth assessments and ongoing support, tailored for lifelong health shifts. Emma sees herself as unconventional in her approach, and offers measures to help you look and feel your absolute best version of yourself.

Shift Nutrition

Skye Swaney is a Dietician and Nutritionist who thrives on promoting eating healthy, easy and delicious meals. The blog includes a range of amazing healthy recipes for all meal times, nutrition tips, and subscription to the Shift Nutrition mailing list. The site includes honest, realistic and down-to-earth articles and blogs from Skye, as well as an opportunity for one-on-one consultations, including via Skype.

NTA Australia

The Nutritional Therapy Association site is all about education in regard to nutrition, with a mission to support wellness worldwide through bio-individual nutrition. The NTA offers courses throughout Australia and New Zealand to become a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner through online study. The Nutritional Therapy Blog provides a range of articles and tips in relation to diet, nutrition, fitness, health and wellbeing.

Nutrition By Nature

Kate Skinner’s Nutrition by Nature is all about simplifying good nutrition. Kate is a Nutritionist, Health Coach and Health Writer whose credentials include working for many of Australia’s leading magazine titles. One of the focuses of Nutrition by Nature is to eliminate some of the myths surrounding health and nutrition and go back to basics. The site also contains a heap of great articles and hot topics, as well as one-on-one health coaching and a handy quick email consultation option.

Skinny Kitchen

Award winning website Skinny Kitchen contains awesome tips and articles on health, nutrition and fitness, as well as fantastic recipes and a great range of products to purchase online. There’s a food glossary for those questionable items, as well as complete sections on nutrition, wellness, beauty, lifestyle and fitness. This is a great site offering pretty much everything you need to know in regard to health, fitness and nutrition all in one place.

Hungry Healthy Happy

The Hungry Healthy Happy site covers a range of relevant topics including food, lifestyle, wellbeing, travel, family, home and garden, recipes, and good old fashioned happiness! Hungry Health Happy is a popular UK based food and lifestyle blog founded in 2011 by Dannii, to be later joined by partner Dave. The site’s original basis was inspired by Dannii’s own weight loss journey, but it’s about more than just food. It promotes healthy eating, positive body image and doing what you love. This site is all about forming a community of like-minded individuals and has a definite down-to-earth feel about it.

Weight Loss Bitch

Of course the first thing that grabs you about this site is the cool title! Weight Loss Bitch has a simple look and feel and is a fascinating personal blog of one woman’s journey - which she has decided to document – to lose an enormous (pardon the pun!) amount of weight. Weight Loss Bitch cites her reasons for wanting to lose weight and how she is going about it, including to inspire and encourage other individuals in a similar position as herself. This site is refreshingly personal and documents personal awards and progress, as well as product reviews and tabs on “motivation” and “distractions.”

Kathleen Leaume

Founder of The Right Balance, Kathleen Alleaume, is an Exercise Physiologist Nutritionist, and Author. The Right Balance provides a health and nutrition consultancy service to consumers, the food industry and corporations. As the name suggests, The Right Balance is all about finding the balance between food and your body, and focusing on why we eat what we do and how to go about making healthy lifestyle changes.

Sally Joseph

Eat Yourself Healthy by Sally Joseph, contains loads of informative articles on health, fitness, wellbeing and nutrition. Sally Joseph is a well-known Australian Clinical Nutritionist, as well as an author, speaker, and health and wellbeing coach. Eat Yourself Healthy inspires you to eat healthy on a daily basis, in order to feel great. Sally’s blog includes information on mental health and illnesses, as well as fantastic recipes and the opportunity to sign up to the Eat Yourself Healthy online program.

Burn And Learn

Burn & Learn was created by two friends from Perth, Western Australia, with a passion for all things food, fitness and fulfilment. Melinda and Naomi’s passion in the field lies in their desire to continually learn, and motivate and inspire others, including each other. The site contains a vast array of useful information on anything from recipes, tips on eateries, workouts, events, retreats and nutrition.



Sports Dietitians

Sports Dietitians Australia specialises in sports nutrition, with an aim to assist individuals in maximising their exercise goals through nutrition. The site lists a ton of credentials and achievements, as well as recipes, product reviews and fact sheets. The site also lists Accredited Sports Dietitians and provides information on relevant workshops, courses and events.

Eat Love Live

Josephine Money can be credited for the creation of Eat Love Live, a site whose purpose is to build a healthy and positive relationship between food and the body. Eat Love Live places emphasis on health and lifestyle over weight loss. Josephine is an accredited practicing dietician who shares her passion with her team to help individual clients reach their goals. The site includes segments on self-care, exercise plans, and an extensive list of distraction activities…and the site is very aesthetically pleasing to boot!

WOD Magazine

Featuring a host of guest bloggers, the Australian CrossFit Community blog includes articles on the 2016 CrossFit Games (who knew?) and individual personal CrossFit journeys. The appeal of CrossFit seems to lie in its simplicity – performing regularly varied movements at high intensity, and if you listen to the CrossFit Community – it works. The site also focuses on health and nutrition, training, technique and CrossFit competitions.

Running Functional

This unique site features articles and info on running, running programs, online coaching, and heaps of tips on – you guessed it – running! It includes advice on how to get started if you’re new to running, various types of running, footwear, technique, and running for different purposes, such as weight loss. The site also features informative tabs on recovery, injuries, nutrition, performance and mindset, among others.

Deliciously Ella

The motto of Deliciously Ella is to love your life, your food and yourself. Offering a personal and insightful look into her own life, Founder Ella Woodward reveals she started writing the blog four years ago after being diagnosed with an illness that encouraged her to turn to holistic and natural healing approaches for her health. The site includes amazing recipes and images, as well as lifestyle tips on beauty, fitness, and overall happiness and wellbeing, with an emphasis that healthy eating is not a “diet.”

SR Nutrition

Charlotte Stirling-Reed is a registered Nutrition Consultant working in various areas of nutrition, specialising in Nutrition Communications, Infant and Child Nutrition, and Weight Loss and the Media. The site includes topical nutrition news and updates, simple and healthy recipes, and health and nutrition articles. The site features nutrition for children at various ages and stages, adult nutrition, and the opportunity to engage in one-on-one consultations, either face-to-face or via telephone or Skype, including fussy eating consultations!

Nics Nutrition

The first thing you notice on the Nic’s Nutrition site is the delicious, healthy recipes with fantastic images to match. Nichola Whitehead is a Specialist Registered Dietician based in the UK. Nic promotes diet and nutrition tips which are simple and achievable, with a motivation to inspire individuals to lead healthier, happier lifestyles. Features include blogs on nutrition, recipes (as already mentioned!), healthy lifestyle tips and product reviews. Nic’s Nutrition has already won a heap of UK Awards, with Nic also featuring on TV and being quoted in various magazines and publications.

Picky Eater

Creator of The Picky Eater, Anjali, is a Board Certified Health Coach whose aim is to make healthy eating tasty, easy and fun. The site features yummy recipes, articles on nutrition, tips, advice, and product reviews. Unlike the name suggests, The Picky Eater is less about fussy kids and more about eating healthy foods, swapping not so healthy foods to healthier versions, and providing simple, healthy meal choices. You can even subscribe to the Picky Eater’s 7 Day Plan for Clean Eating – and it’s free!

Kathryn Bruton

Amazing images of food feature on the home page of Food + Style! Kathryn is a London based food stylist and writer with a passion for cookbooks, having worked with numerous authors in the past. Skinny Soups is Kathryn’s own release, which features 80 recipes and exposes her intention to create nutritious, healthy recipes with a twist. The site also features additional mouth-watering recipes for any time of the day, all with mind-blowing photographs to match, as well as Kathryn’s own personal journal entries.