Does Green Tea help you Lose Weight?

Does Green Tea help you Lose Weight?

Adam Diver

In this article you will find out once and for all if Green Tea helps you Lose weight!


For those who are searching for an effective way of losing weight might find that green tea is the best way to burn fat. On the other hand, some of them still had doubts if green tea really does help you lose weight. If you are one of these many people who have doubts regarding the capability of green tea to help you lose weight, this article is for you. Even a basic search of scientific newspapers and magazines brings back a wide array of findings for green tea and its weight loss properties.  When reviewing all of these, there were some interesting patterns in the results.


Green tea does appear to enhance the level of fat oxidation in your body more than can be illustrated by the caffeine content alone. As a matter of fact, the caffeine content of this tea is relatively low and yet its fat oxidation capabilities are higher than those of black tea that has more caffeine. This property of green tea to shed fat is called thermogenesis, and it means the body is expending more energy. And put simply,  when you expend more energy it means weight loss.


Because of the complex blend or combination of powerful and effective substances in green tea, it has been very hard to know precisely what specific one is accountable for the burning effects of fat. It’s been broken down to a group of compounds called phytochemicals. These are kinds of plant based chemicals which give lots of positive advantages to the human body. The studies of green tea into their cancer fighting properties are also as numerous as those for losing weight.


Now even if caffeine was ruled out as the main cause of weight loss in test subjects, it has been discovered to improve the already potent thermogenic capability of green tea. Here is where a secret of weight control utilizing tea shows itself.  Green tea really had low amounts of caffeine; therefore to get an additional boost of caffeine you must drink both black tea and green tea all through the day. That way, you are getting higher amounts of caffeine from black tea but the high amount of green tea’s phytochemicals enhancing your metabolism too. You do not have to go to the point of ruining you tea through combining the two, however alternating drinking a green tea and black tea every 2 to 3 hours will have a significant effect and improve the fat burning potential.


Still if you have doubts regarding the capability of green tea to lose weight, here is a good and proven example. Once you go online and do a search for green tea and weight loss, you will see lot of results. You will see more than  60,000 results with the top 5 results all being technical papers in respected and big journals which all conclude that green tea has remarkable fat burning properties. Some results are also done by expert weight loss professionals.


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