Avoid Fried Food and Pastries - Day 4 - Healthy Eating Challenge

Avoid Fried Food and Pastries - Day 4 - Healthy Eating Challenge

Melissa Diver

We know how good these foods can taste but for today we are going to avoid them and find a suitable substitute. Let’s take a look at why we should avoid them in the first place:

Fried Foods

There are number of issues with fried food, some obvious, some lesser known. Firstly cooking in oils – even healthy sounding ones like canola and olive oil is bad for your calorie intake. Fats are high in calories (9 calories per gram) compared to protein (4 calories per gram) and Carbs (4 calories per gram). When you cook food in oil, the food absorbs quite a lot of it and means you are consuming calories from the food plus additional calories from the absorbed oils.

Another thing to remember is that deep frying foods destroy a lot of the nutritional value of foods. Even deep fried vegetables such as mushrooms or cauliflower become basically empty foods devoid of nutrition and full of calories if deep fried.

So deep fried foods will add calories and destroy nutrition but unfortunately the problems don’t stop there. Deep fried foods have been linked to heart disease, increased risk of cancer, high cholesterol, reduced kidney efficiency and even Alzheimer’s. Luckily you have to consume a large amount to be at risk of the most serious issues, but it is a good enough reason for us to give fried food a miss today.


Now the last thing we want to do is getting you thinking about delicious foods so let’s put aside the flavours involved here and focus on why we will skip pastries for the day. The same reason pastries taste so good is the same reason we have to avoid them today – sugar and calories. Remember an apple has 95 calories, let’s compare with a few of our favourite pastries:

  • Glazed Doughnut (260 calories)
  • Blueberry Muffin (426 calories)
  • Croissant (272 Calories)
  • Danish (266 Calories)
  • Profiteroles (378 Calories)

To put those numbers into perspective that Blueberry Muffin will cost you nearly 40 minutes jogging on a treadmill. So if you are looking for a delicious treat today try swapping for a punnet of berries, greek yoghurt or some yummy nuts.