Have Fruit for Breakfast – Day 13 – Healthy Eating Challenge

Have Fruit for Breakfast – Day 13 – Healthy Eating Challenge

Melissa Diver

Starting your day with fruit can be one of the best changes you can make. The most important benefits are that fruit is easily digestible and full of natural sugars to give you that energy you need for the day. Of course these are not the only benefits but people who have switched to fruit for breakfast swear by how much more awake and energetic they feel.

We have covered the health benefits for fruits here, here and here so we won’t go over these again. But we will take a good look at how a fruit only breakfast can benefit you:

Perfect Way to Break Your Fast

Because fruit is easy to digest and has natural sugars that wake you up its a much better option then fatty animal products or adrenal-killing coffees that slow down your digestion.

Focus the Mind

Your brain runs on the sugar know as glucose. You know an excellent source of slow releasing glucose? You guessed it fruit.

Lose Weight

The improved digestion that fruit provides gets rid of excess toxicity and waste in the intestines which ultimately lead to weight gain. If you add that is relatively low in calories, gets you moving more and keeps you feeling fuller for longer it can be an excellent weight loss technique.

Boost the Immune System

All those beautiful colours in fruits are healthy acids, minerals and vitamins which all help boost your immune system. Compared to bacon and eggs, your body will be ready to fight off anything trying to make you sick.

Strengthen the Heart

Fruit lowers cholesterol and blood pressure, both of which contribute to  a significantly healthier heart.

 No Belly Bloating

Some people suffer from bloating after meals particularly in the morning when you are breaking the fast. Fruit is excellent for digestive health and will clean your insides and remove or avoid and belly bloating in the process.

Remember breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and if you followed day 12 and didn’t snack after dinner then fruit today will be the perfect compliment. Feel fresh, full and improve your weight loss chances with a fruit breakfast today.