Don’t Snack After Dinner – Day 12 – Healthy Eating Challenge

Don’t Snack After Dinner – Day 12 – Healthy Eating Challenge

Melissa Diver

Today’s challenge is actually harder then it seems. Our lifestyles after dinner are generally sedentary, at least when compared with the rest of the day. Lots of sitting and entertainment slows down the brain and when that happens the brain begins thinking about the easiest and most satisfying way to feel better, by eating something delicious.

Obviously delicious night time meals are not likely to be roast vegetables and grilled meat and it’s these seemingly small snacks that can devastate your calorie intake. In Addition late meals are slowly digested when you are asleep so the calories consumed are more likely to be stored as fat rather then burned for energy.

Some researchers from Brigham Young University created an experiment to find out the effects of late night snacking. They asked 29 young men to not eat between 7pm and 6am for 2 weeks.  The results are very interesting:

  • The average weight loss was 0.9 pounds (without extra exercise)
  • Reduced calories by an average of 238/day
  • The men gained an average of 1.3 pounds when they resumed late night snacking

Imagine what this small change with increased exercise, slimming tea and better diet could achieve. Now we know why we should do it lets look at some ways to make sure we can resist those late night cravings:

  1. Make sure you are getting a good amount of protein during dinner. Seafood, chicken, soy and legumes are excellent source of proteins and will help you feel fuller for longer.
  2. Incorporate dietary fibre into dinner as well. It is the second most filling nutrient and can be found in wholegrains, such as brown rice, quinoa, couscous, whole grain pasta and barley.
  3. When the urgings become strong have a glass of water or a cup of tea to stave off cravings.
  4. Try adding activities to your nightly routine; study, board games, walking the dog anything that will fight boredom and stop you thinking about food the whole time.

With those tips lets enjoy a snack free night and continue our successful weight loss journey.